Haxtors may apply for a free shell account.

Shell.Tor.Hu is a fast dedicated (not virtual) server on a gigabit connection.

You get to use any virtual host you like, set up in 60 seconds on the haxmin panel. Installed software includes php5, mysql, perl, python, gcc, wget, links, lynx, mc, vi, joe, postfix, procmail, etc...

The OS is Linux Debian. TCP connections initiated by users are tunneled through the TOR network. The shell is not chrooted, jailed, or crippled in annoying ways.

To apply for the shell, register here: shelltor.com.

Top 10 : 1. PxL (50)   2. c0d (50)   3. fry (50)   4. gondil (50)   5. deaden (50)   6. m00 (50)   7. shinnok (50)   8. phoenix (50)   9. Reaper (50)   10. Hamstah (50)