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Appendix A:

List of Firewall Resellers and Related Tools

The following is a list of the main companies providing sales, VAR, and consulting on firewalls on Web sites and networks. There are companies with expertise on different operation systems and environment. The list is in alphabetical order. The technical information was provided by the company developing the product, extracted as courtesy of Catherine Fulmer from the URL: http://www.access.digex.net/~bdboyle/firewall.vendor.html.


AlterNet is now offering security consulting services.

Bob Stratton Voice +1 703 204 8000

UUNET Technologies, Inc.

Email: strat@uunet.uu.net

Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation

Atlantic is an authorized reseller for the BorderWare firewall server. Based out of Connecticut, Atlantic specializes in providing turn-key Internet security solutions -- helping to integrate existing network infrastructure with a secure firewall implementation.

Atlantic Computing Technology Corporation

84 Round Hill Road

Wethersfield, CT 06109

(203) 257 7163

Email: info@atlantic.com


ARTICON Information Systems GmbH

ARTICON Information Systems is a reseller of the BorderWare Firewall for Web sites, also provides firewall design services.


Cisco Routers


Cohesive Systems

Cohesive Systems provides many networking and security services, as well as is a reseller of Trusted Information Systems Gauntlet.

Cohesive Systems is a leading network consulting firm that puts all the pieces together for corporate internetworks.

We partner with our clients to help them find technology solutions for their operating and business goals. We do this by providing the expertise products and services to build high performance information systems. Although we have expertise in all areas of network computing, we are widely recognized in the industry for Internet connectivity and security solutions.

Cohesive Systems Branden L. Spikes

1510 Fashion Island Blvd, Webmaster

Suite 104, San Mateo, CA 415-574-3500

Email: bspikes@cohesive.com - info@cohesive.com


Collage Communications, Inc.

Collage Communications, Inc. is one of a few Non-Partisan suppliers for Internetworking Solutions. We handle six different firewall platforms, all the interconnect hardware including the Routers, Hubs, and Channel Interfaces. This allows us to react to a customers needs much more rapidly and fit a solution not only within their budget but tailored to their specific needs.

With regard to the CyberGuard platform we work with HCSC and represent them on this product locally in the Northern California Territory.

Email: cyberguard@CollCom.COM

Collage COmmunications, Inc.

12 Tulip Lane

Palo Alto, Ca., 94303

Conjungi Corporation

Conjungi Corporation is a re-seller for Trusted Information System's Gauntlet product. Located in Seattle, Washington, and doing business through the US and (increasingly) internationally.

Email: simon@conjungi.com


Cypress Systems Corporation, (Raptor reseller)

P. O. Box 9070

McLean, VA 22102-0070

Phone: (703) 273-2150

FAX: (703) 273-2151

e-mail: rmck@sandfiddler.paragon-systems.com

Data General Corp. (Gauntlet Reseller)

Data General Corporation offers the Gauntlet Firewall Package.

Integrating software from Trusted Information Systems, Inc. with hardware, installation and support provided by Data General. Data General is an open systems company which specializes in providing servers, storage products and services to information systems users worldwide.

Gauntlet is a trademark of Trusted Information Systems, Inc.

Data General Corporation

4400 Computer Drive

Westboro, MA 01580

Tel: (800) 4DG-OPEN


email: sense@dg.com

Decision-Science Applications, Inc.

Decision-Science Applications, Inc. is a reseller of the BorderWare Firewall Server.

Decision-Science Applications, Inc.

1110 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 400

Arlington, VA 22201

Voice: (703) 875-9206

FAX: (703) 875-9585

Email: infosec@dsava.com



St. James House

9-15 St.James Road

Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4QH

United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 181 399 3111

fax: +44 (0) 181 399 5111

Email: e92plus@e92plus.co.uk

Enterprise System Solutions, Inc.(BorderWare reseller)


E.S.N - Serviço e Comércio de Informática Ltda.

E.S.N. - Serviço e Comércio de Informática Ltda.

Rua Senador Dantas 117 Sala 1412


Rio De Janeiro - RJ


tel: +55 21 262 1168

FSA Corporation

FSA Corporation is a software company that is dedicated to providing security software for heterogeneous UNIX networks and PCs.



IConNet is a full service Internet provider in NYC. We sell IP service, consulting, hardware and software dealing specifically with the Internet.

  1. Internet in a Rack (IR) - IR is a full-service solution for corporate access, which includes a netra server, a dedicated Sparc 5 firewall (Checkpoint/SunSoft), a Cisco router, and a T1 CSU/DSU. It allows companies to connect to the Internet securely and quickly - setting up the system involves plugging in 4 cables and flipping a switch.
  2. Netra servers, Checkpoint Firewall-1 software, and other security products and services. We are also a VAR for Cisco, chipcom, Sun, and many other high-end vendors.

Email: info@iconnet.net

Igateway by Sun Consulting.

Actually called CONSULT-IGATEWAY and consists of telnet and ftp proxies for filtered traffic. Available through Sun Consulting only.

Ingress Consulting Group, LTD

BorderWare/JANUS Reseller Ingress Consulting Group LTD (BorderWare/Janus Reseller)

Empire State Building

Suite 3406

New York, NY 10018

800-254-7159 (voice)

508-349-0132 (fax)

New England Office

240 Zoheth Smith Way

Wellfleet, MA 02667

email: ter@ingress.com



German distributor of the BorderWare Firewall-Server and also a provider of consulting for firewalls, ISDN, Web Server, etc...


Am Burgacker 23 phone : +49-6201-3999-59

D-69488 Birkenau fax : +49-6201-3999-99


Contact: Ingmar Schraub

Web: GmbH

Jeff Flynn & Associates

Jeff Flynn & Associates is a Network Consulting Service specializing in the design and implementation of Secure Networks. To remain unbiased, we do not resell products. On request, however, we will manage the selection, procurement, and installation of network security systems (e.g., firewalls, authentication, encryption, physical security, employee awareness programs, policies and procedures, etc.).

Phone: (714)551-6398

Jeff Flynn & Associates

19 Perryville

Irvine, Calif. 92720 USA

Email: us028272@interramp.com

Media Communications eur ab, (Gauntlet Reseller)

We currently resell TIS's gauntlet and provide general computer security consulting.

Media Communications eur ab, box 1144, 111 81 stockholm, SWEDEN.

Neil Costigan

Email: neil@medcom.se


ph: +46.708.432224 (GSM)

fax: +46.8.219505

video: +46.8.4402255 (h.320, isdn, up to 384k)

Mergent International, Inc. (Gauntlet Reseller)

We are a comprehensive security solution vendor and leading provider of PC-based security solutions for distributed computing environments and an authorized reseller of the Gauntlet Internet firewall from Trusted Information Systems, TIS.

Mergent International, Inc., has the ability to provide the Gauntlet Internet firewall as a point software and/or hardware/software turnkey solution with the additional ability of integrating the firewall with Mergent's present suite of security products and services as a one-stop secure enterprise solution vendor.

For more information please visit us via:


Email: info@mergent.com

or call toll free 1.800.688.1199

Momentum Pty Ltd

We are the leading open systems and Internet consulting organization in Western Australia. Our primary focus is Internet security and firewall systems. We supply a range of related services and software to corporate and government organizations.

For further information please contact us as follows:

Todd Hooper Marketing Director

Momentum Pty Ltd

PO Box 1436

Subiaco, WA 6904, Australia

Phone: +61 9 483 2649

Fax : +61 9 380 4371

EMail: sales@momentum.com.au


NetPartners (Phil Trubey), (JANUS Reseller)

Phone: 800-723-1166, 714-252-5493

Fax: 714-759-1644

EMail: sales@netpart.com

Network Translation Services

Our company, Network Translation, Inc., has such a Network Address Translation product (see RFC-1631). Give us a call, or check our web site:


John Mayes

Network Translation, Inc.


OpenSystems, Inc.

OpenSystems Inc. is a consulting and integration firm specializing in the design and deployment of network computing technologies for the corporate enterprise.

Our background and history as a provider of corporate computing solutions has helped us cultivate a unique set of skills in developing secure computing environments for customers with a critical need to protect corporate data.

This experience has enabled us to build expertise and develop a proven methodology and techniques in performing security assessments, policy reviews, designing enterprise security architectures, and rapidly deploying security solutions in the areas of computer, network, and Internet/Intranet security.

OpenSystems Inc. represents firewall products from Raptor Systems, Checkpoint/SunSoft and Sun Microsystems on UNIX and Windows NT. OpenSystems Inc. provides both bundled hardware/software/integration/training packages as well as custom consulting solutions.

OpenSystems Inc.

10210 NE Points Drive, Suite 110

Kirkland, WA 98033-7872

(206) 803-5000 / (206) 803-5001 FAX

E-Mail: steve@opensys.com



Peripheral Devices Corp.


Email: mktg@pdc.com


PENTA, Inc. Phone: (800) PENTA-79

333 North Sam Houston Parkway East (713) 999-0093

Suite 680 Fax: (713) 999-0094

Houston, TX 77060


PRC is a leading integrator of open systems with over 40 years of experience in delivering quality results. We specialize in providing custom client/server solutions for your enterprise. Talk to us today about your Internet firewall requirements and be surprised at how easy it is to operate securely.

(Enterprise Assurance is a service mark of PRC).

Jay Heiser

Product Manager

Enterprise Assurance

1500 PRC Drive

McLean, Va 22102


e-mail: secure@prc.com


Racal-Airtech Ltd, (Eagle reseller)

Racal is a world leader in information security and has a comprehensive portfolio of computer security products and services. Racals global security consultancy and support organizations together with its world-leading combination of products and services, address the information security needs of financial institutions, government departments and commercial organizations - wherever they are located.

Racals integrated software and hardware security products each protect points of potential weakness - building into full end to end security solutions tailored to meet the information security needs of your organization.

As part of our commitment to provide "best of breed" products in a fast changing environment, Racal is pleased to be working with Raptor systems in supplying and supporting the EAGLE family of firewall software to our large customer base in the finance, government and commercial markets.

* * * UK * * *

Racal Airtech Ltd

Meadow View House

Long Crendon, Aylesbury

Buckinghamshire, United Kindom HP18 9EQ

Phone: 01844 201800

* * * USA * * *

Racal Gaurdata Inc

480 Spring Park Place

Suite 900


Phone: 703 471 0892

* * *

Sohbat Ali


RealTech Systems

RealTech Systems Corporation is a systems integration company, located in NY city in the Empire State building and Albany NY, serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies.

RTS is CISCO Gold authorized, an Advanced Technical Partner of Bay Networks, a Platinum Novell reseller, and an authorized reseller of Checkpoints FireWall-1 product. Recent clients who RTS has completed Internet projects for include: Deloitte & Touche LLP, Hearst Magazines, and Standard Microsystems Corporation. Visit our web site at


Email questions to jhorowitz@realtech.com

Or call 212-695-7100 extension 2106

Sea Change Corporation, (JANUS reseller)

6695 Millcreek Drive, Unit 8

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 5R8

Tel: 905-542-9484 Fax: 905-542-9479

Internet: jalsop@seachange.com


**** Sea Change Corporation - Pacific Region

5159 Beckton Road 604-658-5448

Victoria, British Columbia V8y 2C2

Email: michael@seawest.seachange.com



Security Dynamics Technologies

Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SDTI), a leading provider of network and computer security solutions, today announced the activation of its Internet World Wide Web site: http://www.securid.com

Offerings include product, partnership and general corporate information. Intending to be the leading Web site for information security content, future Security Dynamics' site offerings will include in-depth industry and technology analyses and customer-related support and services.

Site Name: Security Dynamics - SecurID

Organization: Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc.

Company Contact: Stew Guernsey

Address: One Alewife Center - 3rd Floor

Cambridge, MA 02140

Country: USA

Phone Number: (617) 234-7414

Stew Guernsey

Softway Pty Ltd, (Gauntlet Reseller)

Softway is Australia's largest open systems consulting and services house. We are resellers for TIS' Gauntlet firewall and also provide a range of Unix and Network Security services.

Softway Pty Ltd Phone: +61 2 698 2322

P.O. Box 305 Fax: +61 2 699 9174

Strawberry Hills

NSW 2012


Email: enquiries@softway.com.au


Spanning Tree Technologies Network Security Analysis Tool

Spanning Tree's NetProbe is an easy-to-install and use network security analysis tool that, from a single host, scans a network and tests the effective configuration for remote access vulnerabilities.

Designed to scan large networks with unequaled speed. NetProbe tests security from inside and outside firewalls. NetProbe reports and describes all discovered vulnerabilities and their fixes, with links to specific CERT/CIAC documents. Modular design allows fast updates from CERT/CIAC advisories. Reports can be tailored to your needs and all data is stored in a database for easy reference.

Encryption within the licensing mechanism prevents unauthorized use of NetProbe.

Spanning Tree Technologies, Inc. (515) 296-6900

2501 N. Loop Drive Fax: (515) 296-9910

Ames, IA 50010

Email: info@spanning.com


  1. Stalker by Haystack Labs, Inc.

This is an intrusion detection system. Stalker sets up, manages, reports, and analyzes audit trails from a variety of UNIX vendors. Stalker is used by the most paranoid organizations in several countries (including the US).

Stalker supports all Sun operating systems (SunOS, Solaris, and Sun Trusted Solaris) and IBM AIX. We have ports underway to additional platforms, including HP, and are working on several network and router monitoring tools, as well. And our customers benefit from receiving ongoing updates to our Misuse Detection Database.

For more information, email info@haystack.com or call us:

Haystack Labs, Inc.

10713 RR620N, Suite 521

Austin, TX 78726 USA

(512) 918-3555 (voice)

(512) 918-1265 (fax)

Stonesoft Corporation

Stonesoft Corporation in Finland, a FW-1 reseller.

Taivalm=E4ki 9 FIN-02200 Espoo, Finland

phone: +358 0 4767 11- fax: +358 0 4767 1234

phone: +358 0 422 400 - fax: +358 0 422 110

email: info@stone.fi


TeleCommerce is a Network Systems Corp. VAR in S. California. We specialize in Virtual Private Networks over the Internet to replace costly dedicated and leased lines.

Email: info@TeleCommerce.com


Phone: 805-289-0300

Trident Data Systems, (SunScreen provider)

Trident is an authorized SunScreen service provider, offering security policy development, equipment installation, and system administration training to customers of Sun who have chosen to secure their critical communications links with the SPF100. We are also a member of the highly selective SunIntegration Alliance Program, providing multi-platform rightsizing and client-server migration to our clients.

Regional Sales Manager Dave Fuino

1330 Inverness Drive, Suite 310 (800)342-5831

Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Fax: (719)597-7234

EMail: Dave Fuino

Email: Steve_McConnell@sablanco.tds.com


  1. Tripcom Systems Inc.

Reseller for CheckPoint's FireWall-1 product in the Chicago area. Also complete consulting and implementation services for Internet connectivity.

Tripcom Systems Inc.

Naperville, IL


E-Mail: Adam Horwitz

Trusted Network Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Trusted Network Solutions (Pty) Ltd, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focuses on all aspects of network security. This includes security audits, secure e-mail products, link encryption, network firewalls, and dial-in security solutions. TNS is a value-added reseller of the Gauntlet firewall. For more information -



UNIXPAC, headquartered in Cremorne (Sydney), NSW, Australia markets, and services enterprise-wide systems solutions for internetworking, fire-wall security and data protection. Unixpac are the Australian agents for Raptor Systems (Eagle firewall) and ISS (Internet Scanner).

Unixpac can be contacted directly at (02) 9953 8366, toll free number 1 800 022 137, or via Internet e-mail at: info@unixpac.com.au


X + Open Systems Pty Ltd., (Internet Consultants)

X + Open Systems is a highly specialized open systems consulting organization. Providing security/risk analysis, firewall design/construction plus a range of UNIX, networking and open systems related services.

X + Open Systems Pty Ltd Phone: +61 2 9957 6152

P.O. Box 6456 Shoppingworld Fax: +61 2 699 9174

North Sydney

NSW 2059


Email: info@xplus.com.AU

Zeuros Limited

Zeuros Limited in Rotherwick, Hampshire, England have been supplying the Raptor Eagle Firewall for over 12 months into Banking, Telecommunications and other major UK corporates. Primarily a facility management company, the provision of secure data networking, Internet protection and secure virtual private networking services has fitted easily into Zeuros's portfolio.

For information, sales and support on the Raptor Eagle in the UK contact:


Les Carleton

Zeuros Limited

Tudor Barn, Frog Lane

Rotherwick, Hampshire, RG27 9BE

Tel:- 44 (0) 1256 760081

Fax:- 44 (0) 1256 760091

Email: les@zeuros.co.uk


Firewall Tools: Public Domain and Shareware, Etc.


Available at net.tamu.edu

Freestone by SOS Corporation

Freestone is a freely available application gateway firewall package. Freestone is a genetic derivative of Brimstone and was produced by SOS Corporation. Freestone can be retrieved from the Columbia, SOS, and COAST FTP sites.

fwtk - TIS Firewall Toolkit

Available from ftp.tis.com. Look in /pub/firewalls and /pub/firewalls/toolkit for documentation and toolkit.


Internet Security Scanner is an auditing package that is publicly available that checks domains and nodes searching for well-known vulnerabilities and generating a log for the administrator to take corrective measures. The publicly available version is on aql.gatech.edu /pub/security/iss.


The SOCKS package, developed by David Koplas and Ying Da Lee. Available by ftp from ftp.nec.com.

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